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Designed to tackle specific workflow issues

Phantom Architecture is specifically designed to enhance the workflow of doing architectural visualization with Octane Render. During production various repetitive tasks can be automated, allowing you to save time and focus where it matters.

(1) Using the algorithms featured in Phantom Architecture you can have the displacement on your models fixed automatically. That means you will no longer have gaps on corners where you would be doing a displacement such as stone or brick.

(2) The UV scale correct tool helps you to get your texture to a more accurate scale, adding to the realism of your scene.

(3) In Octane Render standalone, finding out the sun vector to make your Daylight Environment match the HDRI background can be a bother. Using a specialized tool in Phantom Architecture you can import the HDRI and then simply pinpoint on the image where you want the sun to be. The vector (for use in the Daylight Environment) will be calculated for you automatically. Time saver!

(4) The automatic modeling tools can generate OBJ-geometry based on individual indicator-triangles placed in your model (which have their own special material). This allows the automatic creation of window frames, window blinds, roof gutters and drainage pipes. (More will be added in the future).



Phantom Architecture is designed as standalone software. That means you can use whatever modeling software you like, and don’t have to worry about plug-in support for your specific package. Just import the OBJ-model into Phantom Architecture, set your preferences and let the algorithms do their magic upon export. Works with Octane Render standalone and the Octane Render plugins (although the plugins might not be compatible with all the features).


Displacement fixer tool

Displacement in Octane Render is a powerful way to improve your visual quality. Unfortunately the way displacement works is counter-productive with the way you would make an architectural model. It requires a special type of dealing with geometry and vertex normals, which is a very time consuming and frustrating process. The geometry will become so complicated that editing in a later process is even more time consuming and frustrating. But what if you had a tool to do this automatically? That is exactly what this function can do for you.

The problem: easy-to-work-with models do not comply with displacement geometry requirements

(clean geometry → displacement in Octane Render)



The solution: let Phantom Architecture’s algorithm auto-rework the geometry for you

(clean geometry → algorithm → displacement in Octane Render)



Import your *.OBJ → pinpoint the materials you need fixed → export new *.OBJ

It is that simple.



UV-scale correct tool

In architectural visualization the scale of materials is an important way to communicate the measurements of a design to a client. That's why it has to be as accurate as possible. But dealing with the scale in your model is not an optimal practice for workflow. Ideally you would work with indicator materials of a fixed size in your (SketchUp®) model, and then build a material library in Octane Render to hook up to these indicators. The UV-scale correct tool assists in getting the scale of the materials right.

Import texture → set reference line → set length → export scale node

Get your textures to accurate scale and produce more relatable visuals. Specifically designed for SketchUp® users.



Sun vector tool

In architectural visualization you will have a variety of views but will want a slightly different sun angle for every shot. The first hassle is getting the sun vector aligned with the *.HDR sky. Then for every view, you will have to match the *.HDR sky with your customized north offset (to get your shot's ideal lighting angle). This is a time consuming task and is automated fully by the SUN VECTOR mode in Phantom Architecture.

Requires Octane Render 3.0

Import sky reference → set sun postion → pick sky *.HDR file → export sky array

The node data will be set on your clipboard on export. Simply press CTRL+V in Octane Render and the datastructure is setup.

Just connect the Render Target to the sky output with the orientation you like.



Inside the group: fully automated pre-computed sky structure

Phantom Architecture exports a complete datastructure with pre-computed values in selected nodes to take care of everything for you. No need to touch any of this! You can control the sky settings globally, using the nodes outside of the group.



Next generation GUI

Phantom Architure's graphical user interface dynamically adapts to the specific use-case scenarios of its sophisticated tools, allowing a greater degree of control for the user and more powerful capabilities for the program.


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